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May 31, 2006



Hi Andrew ...

I've just read your posting. Thanks for the thoughtful response. Believe me,
it's appreciated.

I didn't really intend to make this a generational issue -- my cry in the
wilderness applies equally to people my own age. But it's apparent from the
e-mail I've been getting that a lot of readers interpreted the column as a
condemnation of people now in their 20s. That's probably due to my referring
to the use of technology to block out reality. In that case, yeah, your
generation relies on it more than mine does. We have alcohol. (Ha ha. Little
joke. Sort of.)

To the extent that many young adults are disaffected and not engaged,
there's plenty of blame to lay on my generation. In fact, there's plenty of
blame for all of us to share.

But pointing fingers accomplishes nothing. If you believe as I do that this
country is in serious trouble (and your post suggests that you do), what
matters now is finding some way to save it from this deadly mixture of
greed, paranoia and hubris. I am old enough to remember a different America.
It was flawed, too, badly sometimes and I'll be the first to admit that a
lot of changes have been for the better. But there was an essential goodness
to the place that seems to be absent today. We rooted for the underdog, we
believed (or seemed to believe) that most people were good, not evil. It's
hard to put a finger on, to give you a better explanation.

But when I said we need a revolution, that's what I meant. Restoring the
country, not destroying it.



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