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June 29, 2006



Listen to the song "Standing in the Shower, Thinking" by Jane's Addiction. The shower is truly a midwife to enlightenment.


I wish hip-hop would finally go away or at least stop being SO omnipresent. I can see the deeper cultural signif you are getting at, here, but corporatism (not corporations, corporatism) has taken whatever original meaning it once had and beaten it out of it and watered down what was left with a lot of BS.

Case in point: getting a ride home yesterday someone had the local "urban" station on (that I live in a metropolitan city should mean an association with this music is unsettling.)

This hip-hop song was playing. I don't know the artist's name, a woman singer, singing, "Don't you wish your girlfriend/Was fun like me?/Don't you wish your girlfriend/Was hot like me?" And the whole song is essentially the voice of the Attractive Flirt to the Man in a Long Term Relationship, playing Ms. Temptation, laying on the "I knoooow you waaaant me" trip. I thought it was nauseating. Granted, much of the nausea owes to current events in Mondeland. But I think even if I were, Gods forbid, the girl in the other sparkly new shoes, and could conceivably Identify With the Situation instead of Identifying Against It, I would have STILL been nauseated, maybe even MORE so, because the presentation was just so awful, the music just so phony and unstimulating. Always the same elements. Almost always the same BPM. Always about primate social territorialism. Even the "good" rap and hip hop that jibes with my politics has this problem.

The only hip hop/rap artist I EVER thought was - as they say, "the shiznit" is Doctor Octagon. His songs are all weird, absurd and sort of swirl through a melange of biology textbooks and HP Lovecraft images. THAT is cool. Of course this dippy radio station I was hearing yesterday would never play it.

(I am feeling better today, about a LOT of things, but worse about others. I hate feeling incompetent, but I suppose that's the only reason anyone ever fixes their incompetence. I will feel better around the first of August.)

ps: When you had to leave that love situation, did you do the breaking up, or the other person? If that is something you'd not want to answer, I totally understand. But my own situation is the first time I have been on the other end of what seems, on and off, to be an impending collapse, and wonder somehow if there's anything I can learn from the experiences of others.

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