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October 31, 2005


Demitria Monde Thraam

Oh, wow...I had no idea this is what you were referring to. Alex Gray...now that's serious talent. I think he has done more to keep psychedelesis alive in this world than just about anyone who still lives.

Just about anyone but Hoffman himself, who will, in January, be one hundred years old. No prohibitionist I have ever told this to fails to give it the consideration it merits. The new marijuana cancer studies, the ones showing tumour reductions in rats, and another which shows a significant lessening of cancer in marijuana users who do not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol also impresses; it offers some respectable science to suggest what I already know intuitively: that cancer is caused by revolt against the organism not at peace with itself or gaining satisfaction from life in some vital way. It ran all up and down both sides of my family, but as I begin my fifth decade I've no trace of it.

Sounds like this was a truly nifty experience. Does my heart well to see it still happening in America.

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