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November 13, 2005


Demitria Monde Thraam

I have become tripleplus-interested in Asetru and the Nordic mythosphere this year; not only because of the obvious reason of the corresponding of the "Odin's Knot" (Valknutr) with the Choronzonic triptrigramme, but also because P. Emerson was born in Norway, loves his birth nation and plans to return. My own ethnicity is a mishmash of Teutonic and Swedish and since I may be an American citizen but do not identify with the national soul, I think of myself as World-borne.

The translation of symbols like runes into idiot-friendly rendition has always aggravated me intensely. I agree with your statement above except for the small codicil that if astrology is taken into account it is due to its influence on the ancient culture and should be presented as such. (On the page for the track "Undergoing Overcoming" in the second part of the album, I explain my feelings on astrology--essentially, it could very well be that planets and stars exert some sort of subtle magnetogravitic currents that could affect us during our first formativity but they would be competing with the things like black holes, quasars, supernovae, dark matter and cosmic microwave radiation, and those are just the things we now know OF, but not a lot ABOUT.) There's also the matter that astrology was borne by people living in a non-heliocentric universe - says Eianorange, one of Choronzon's most interesting contributors/colluders, "the irony alone is enough to drench my monitor in coffee." Also to be considered, things like time-lag and calendric difference are rarely taken into account by even the "esoterically-correct" astrologers.

Anyway, back to runes. Can you suggest any sites or books on them that aren't newage-sewage and which aren't just trying to make money by providing yet another feelgood divination system?

I do most of my divination by technomancy...in various forms, two of which are the random number generator-based "chaotic decision-maker", and linkstreaming (following webpage links while in deep trance or high mania--rapidly, randomly and without thought of what I'm clicking for five minutes or so--and then examining what I pulled up, and what connections run through it)

That would be a good paper for me to write some time, a treatise on the various Choronzonic divinations (which are really not specific to "Choronzonica"; I just think of them as being since I began doing it at CHORONZON's suggestion, long ago.)

I would like to integrate other more traditional elements/aspects into it, and if it's anything like runes I want to do it right, which is to say, without exactly the sort of feelgoody-warm-and-fuzzy nonsense that the "darkness-censored" versions of rune education and other such newage courses push. Can you recommend anything to me?



the best rune meister out there that i know of is edred thorrson, aka stephen flowers. some of his works are way better then others in terms of quality, runelore that i am reading now is one of his finer works. he is also the most widely published author on the runes, with dozens of books on the subject. astrology is a subjective science and a subtle art. it is never the stars that lie but imperfect interpetations that do. www.astro.com is one of the best sites for accurate astrology i've been using for five years.

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