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November 06, 2005



for reasons known only to Choronzon, the operation of copy and paste jumbled around three or four paragraphs of this post when first posted, hail eris! if you were one of the people scratching there heads at the flow of discussion, here is your answer :-)

Demitria Monde Thraam

Neuron bomb. Oh, that's got to be the title of something, that's priceless!

Looking at this, I realise I should have set off the questions in italics. I'm so tied up with the New World Chaos pages - each track of this double-album having its own art work and text with it - that it slipped my already slippery mind.

And yeah, I know, it looks like I have fallen out of my proverbial tree, but I guess it's because I want to stop being a monkey and be something else. And that always is going to appear crazy. But so often we end up finding something ends up being the opposite of what we thought it was. The sun doesn't rotate around the earth, the buffalo, the oil - neither last forever. Communism and capitalism can both lead to tyranny. And CHORONZON's not out to get you and keep you from reaching your own enlightenment. Everything's there for a reason, and believe me, I'd not be so into this if it wasn't doing amazing things, which I didn't feel were proper to discuss in an interview. Let's just say there've been a great many successes that have left me openmouthed and wide-eyed.

Thanks again...back to the grinder, this thing is so close to done I can feel it.

The Thug

Humans, always creating schema around that which is unmanifest.

If you knew anything, especially about the keeper, you'd know that you know nothing.

It doesn't care about anything. Atomic power, gender, religion, not me, and not you.

Kneel at the foot of the volcano; it is beyond anything that you could ever understand. Be glad it hasn't eaten you yet.


According to my birth certificate...I was born In Columbia, S.C. on March 3rd, 1967 at 3pm. or 3/3 3pm All of my life I have inadvertently or subconsciously been attracted to the clock at exactly 3:33pm or am (when I am awaken at that time). I was awaken several years ago by a presence that manifested itself as a magnificent green light. The presence, I assumed was GOD told me "Everything is going to be alright". I have met another person in the past 8 years that had the exact same experience. I was embarrassed to tell people about my experience or I only revealed it to my immediate family...He revealed his experience to me after knowing him for 5 years and without me telling him about my experience. He had just lost his brother when he saw the light. I found this site on my quest to understand the significance of 333...I had to share my experience here with you...maybe someone can help me understand what I am supposed to do. Or do I wait til something happens OR have I been given the sign to make something happen,,and "everything will be alright".

Eric Sizemore

Someone asked me about 333, well I mentioned it first- as an anagram for sex-confusion-abyss, I know that's a bit of a stretch. I have 777 for reference, but I am conducting further research. I wanted to say hello, as I haven't much time today but your site does seem interesting. 93/696

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