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November 14, 2005


Demitria Monde Thraam

Hello Andrew--

This sort of idiocy is not taken seriously by the medical establishment and is actually a good focus to demonstrate one of the "weak links" in the Juggernaut which I like to exploit whenever possible. (Ditto the Choronzon project, and, in mythospeak, doubleplus-ditto for CHORONZON, its namesake.)

That "weak link" is the conflict of interest between Christianity and Corporatism. Now, sometimes it doesn't outright show, how weak this link actually is. But even the human being with what might be called "mediocre intelligence and a good heart, overall" can understand the difference between the values Christ was said to espouse and corporatist values. The aim I have in the realworld sphere is to educate the ones suffering from the cognitive dissonance that this fundamental flaw of the whole schmeer brings about.

In relation to this post - I don't see a link to the blog in question and I assume this is because you aren't wanting to give it extra traffic (good choice) I will look it up on my own and see whether it strikes me as an out-and-out joke or if it is serious.

Michael Moore has said a few things I disagree with to the point where it frustrated me for days, particularly on the subject of drugs, which he has made no secret of being against the use of. But he still has some insights which I turn to when feeling defeatist about the Juggernaut. The election results this year - a year which was expected to be one big no-show - are reflecting the nationwide sea-change beginning to swell up, and it will continue to swell as long as we do not allow them to use their most effective weapons against us: the apathy that comes from hopelessness and the sacrifice of convenience that goes with turning away from the corporations that now control almost everything; for a lot of non-urban people that latter is a no-go for them, and they cannot afford - being literally stuck with Walmart and fundamentalist churches and a single newspaper. We are fortunate to live in San Francisco where we can choose what we spend our money on - I am 100% corporate-free except for the goddam electric bill, a thing I hate paying more than any other since PG&E essentially robbed us in the open air, was caught, and not only did they get to keep our money, they never once lowered the bill--because they know they have us by the short hairs.

If people have choice, all but the most idiotic will tend to choose sane things. I am far more worried about prescription drugs like SSRI antidepressants which block the sex drive almost as completely as Depo-Provera (I think that's what it is called, that pill they give sex-offenders) and which a long battle was fought over in the 1990s to keep Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, etc. from being prescribed to kids. The battle was lost, now parents give these drugs to their children at the first sign of "depression", and I wonder if they're even having anything close to puberty as it is supposed to be, and what that will end up meaning for them. This Hetracil, if not a joke-joke, will soon be one when it is found that...well, it won't work.

Interesting note: One of the neighbours of my uncommon-outlaw-husband Deek and myself here in Diamond Heights is a Christian minister who is openly gay. We have not talked much, but he's made it clear he approves of my politics (there's an upside down American flag hanging in the window; I thought surely some asshat would have tried to throw a rock through it but it has been up since Bush "took" office and it hasn't been.)

What also worries me is that despite all the Schwartzenegger ballot initiatives getting soundly whomped, my ex-district-supe Chris Daly sponsored and pushed to winning that gun control thing. I used to be all for gun control when I'd heard nothing but NRA propaganda, but went over to the other side on this issue after the Juggernaut took hold. The reasons should be obvious, and no-one wants to think about them, but well-meaning Daly, who I have liked for years, needs some educating about the precursors to totalitarian fascism and how he's just made us - the city that's going to need protection the very most - that much more vulnerable.

Thank you for writing. I will have a lot more time for bloggistry now as the site for the album is done at last! You can check it out at http://choronzon.org/nwc now.

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