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November 16, 2005



fascinating Press there in Runa-Raven. i had never heard of stephen flowers or edred before this. i have read some of don webb's essays and think of him as the only balanced, lucid, and articulate Setite i have yet discovered. i am not interested at all in judeo/xtian or Satanist memes but being an extremely inquisitive person i have hunted the nether regions of the web exploring some of the left hand path nodes. the rune stuff really interests me as well as sigil work. AOSpare is definitely more my style than the 'traditional' rune paths. i am going to purchase a couple of the germanic rune books and the left hand path book.


it's highly recommended, runa raven is the most cutting edge publisher out there, be sure to check out the nine doors of midgard, powerful stuff!


the Da

Oh, my no-God!! After reading your booklist and your book review, I thought to myself: I've gotta get you some books on good, practical, wholesome Buddhism!! (And THEN I saw your disclaimer for us Buddhists out here!) Gee, I feel so "other" right now...I better get off this blog...


I have read a lot of the spooky Left Hand nonsense about runes. You may want to balance it with a more skeptical view. Sweyn Plowright's "The Rune Primer" is my recommendation. See my URL field, or Google it.

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