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December 30, 2005


The High Priestess of Choronzon

Sounds great to me!

My Splice Night resolution was to triple my knowledge of digital music, from top to bottom and in every other direction I can imagine.

I love Splice Night which is what I decided to start calling New Years' Eve, and I always celebrate it full-monty. It's the only mainstream holiday completely disconnected to religion or politics and that's reason enough, but also appealing is its utter arbitrariness, and the way folks stop and think and reflect about time.

When it's midnight on Splice Night one stands on a point at which there's this mass-enforced hyper-illusion of a vanishing present: there's only The Year That Was and The Year That Will Be.

It's a celebration of intoxicating chemicals that has no other equal on the calendar--even if the one most choose is the one least psionic in nature, it is still a damn fine night to feel the entire city abuzz, inhibitions relaxed, public transport free for this one single event, strangers drunk or high enough to talk to one another.

A flowering of the Metrogeist...And the City Spirit truly gifted me this fine night: I found a packet on the sidewalk with about $70 worth of various cannabis products in it. I wept for joy, and dismal thought that I'd have to spend the only holiday I ever celebrate in a sober condition evaporated--I think I actually squealed.

Finally, it's the end of the Christmas season; that alone is worth joyous celebrations...especially this year.

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