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December 29, 2005



There's a pay phone on Castro Street at Market that rings when you call it. It's an anomaly, a total fluke, in a city which has no ringing pay phones at all any more - and this one's right in the middle of the cruise zone of the Castro. I wait for the #35 bus there every morning. I think there's a ley-line running through or near this pay phone booth, so I sometimes will be sitting there reading a book or something and feel myself start to ride current; that's strange because this does not generally happen outdoors in public zones.

Once in a while the phone'll ring and I'll answer it with some quip if I'm quick at the moment. Doubtlessly, various area residents in the apartment buildings of the vicinity will call it and watch who picks up, and, I'd venture to imagine, the answerer may be offered sex, if they're male and of whatever subspecies is deemed attractive to the mystery caller.

I wonder if that booth is on the site. I'll have to go and look, now, when I should be doing other things.

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