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January 09, 2006



"i'm not sure if the look on that face is due to gas or satan or both" - that made me laugh for like 20min. Thank you.


If you know sign language it means "bull crap." That is exactly what all you are doing when you slam the president. What I saw in photos was that when used as a sign of Satan the back of the hand was facing forward not the palm. When the palm faces forward it is not the sign of Satan from my understanding.


That hand sign is far from being satanic. While I can't validate the context or even the location in which this picture is taken, I can pretty well state that this sign that Bush is using is most likely the University of Texas' "Hook 'em Horns" sign. The University of Texas'(or UT) mascot is a longhorn named Bevo, often depicted with this sign as it closely resembles that of a longhorn. In case you didn't know, (and I'm guessing you didn't if you couldn't clearly identify this sign immediately) a longhorn is a bull with a very large set of antlers. The hand sign was created by Harley Clarkson, a university cheerleader, in the 1950's and is used widely as the university's hand sign. Given that President Bush hails from Texas and that the Longhorns went on to win the football national championship in 2006, President Bush was probably using this sign to show his support of the Texas Longhorns. Now don't get me wrong, I hate Bush, but I'm also a UT student and wouldn't want my sign to go on as mistaken for some satanic ritual.

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