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January 26, 2006



Have you read Sutin's biography?


i have not. most of the bio's out there tend to rehash the same stories over and over. anything in that biography that stands out as being different, perhaps including the things i mentioned?



In sequence, and from memory:

1 - His body was cremated and the ashes transferred to his followers, Karl and Sasha Germer. They were subsequently buried at the foot of a tree in their garden in or near Hampton, New Jersey - exact location not known.

2 - Crowley married only twice. First, in 1903, to Rose Kelly, the ceremony being held on 12 August in Scotland (the Sheriff's office at Dingwall, if I recall correctly).

Secondly, he married Marie Teresa de Miramar in August 1929 at the British embassy in Germany.

3 - In the late 1930s, Crowley fathered a son, published The Equinox Of The Gods and worked on the Thoth tarot, besides becoming increasingly concerned about the activities at the US Agape Lodge.

4 - I believe the tutor story related to an attempted seduction. It's generally accepted that the first real homosexual relationship occurred in 1897/1898 with H C J Pollitt.

5 - The cipher manuscripts have been discussed in detail in many books and are reproduced in their entirety by a book by Darcy Kuntz, called, I think, Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscripts. They are now in "a private collection".

6 - Nothing beyond a reading of the Hymn To Pan - Brighton council just didn't enjoy the publicity.

7 - Various places, of course, throughout his fairly long life. Which period are you interested in?

8 - No knowledge, sorry.

9 - Some was lost, some destroyed in a fire at the desert base of a bunch of OTO wannabes in California, and some in Jimmy Page's collection. The author James Herbert has a chair!

10 - I'm not aware of any account written by her.

I hope some of this helps. As I said, this is all from memory as my collection is inaccessible at the moment, so I'll see if members of my website, LAShTAL.COM, can fill in any of the gaps.

Best wishes,

[email protected]



Wow, thanks Paul! You're a scholar and a gentleman! For question 7 I'm interested in the late 30's and 40's where the biographys get thin about details of Crowleys life. Obviously he was was working on the Thoth deck and Book of Thoth but real details of his second marriage and conditions of his life seem to be hard to find.

93 93/93


93 Andrew,

Regrettably, I'm no scholar - just an enthusiastic student.

There are, however, real scholars out there that I'm sure will do their best to help.

In my experience, Thelemites tend to be pleasant and helpful.

Nice Blog you've got here, by the way...


93 93/93

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